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Stylish women’s overalls

Women’s overalls have been more and more present in women’s wardrobes for several years now. They have also become a permanent element in the collections of leading fashion designers and are regularly appearing on the catwalks. They are comfortable and versatile. You can wear them all year round and for various occasions. They are a fantastic alternative to dresses, and their character: two in one, additionally simplifies and shortens the time of choosing the right outfit. All you need to do is match the shoes, handbag and jewellery, and you can be sure that you will impress.

The overall is a type of one-piece clothing that is a combination of e.g. a blouse or shirt and trousers (shorts or long trousers). As in many cases, the idea behind its creation was more practical than fashion-related. Initially, the overalls were sewn for workers (protective aspect) and athletes (for convenience and functionality). It wasn’t until the sixties of the last century that people started to use them more widely in everyday fashion. The impetus here was undoubtedly the costumes of music stars, because for sure everybody remembers the characteristic white suit of Elvis Presley admired by his fans and the shiny ABBA stage costumes.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, and by the way you like fashion experiments, go ahead and reach for overalls. Perfect for summer walks, but also during a trip to the beach. They will be suitable for work and for meeting friends. And if you are looking for an original, yet very feminine, fashionable and elegant styling for a wedding, then jump in an overall and high heels, grab the clutch bag and you will be the most beautiful lady in the room… well maybe right after the bride.

The palette of colours, styles, length of both sleeves and legs as well as the selected material can make your head spin. When it comes to the last category, we can distinguish, among other things, the more noble ones, i.e. silk overalls, those made of Tencel or viscose, as well as more everyday cotton and jeans overalls. Elegant, evening overalls. Open-shoulder overalls for the summer, with a casual cut. Overalls fitting the figure as well as oversize ones. Casual overalls and those for special occasions. There is therefore much that can be done, and the effect will always be staggering.