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Fashionable women’s skirts Every fashionable and stylish woman has skirts in her wardrobe. No matter what type, what material, what cut and what length. They are always your friends. The shorter ones can beautifully emphasise shapely calves and long legs, the longer ones can (if necessary) cover this and that. This typically feminine item of clothing fits every season and can be worn all year round. Women’s skirts easily and gracefully match other pieces of clothing, such as blouses, sweaters, shirts, blazers and even T-shirts. Thanks to different variants and sets, you can get a new, different styling every time.

Pencil skirts, or elegant stylings Women of success love pencil skirts. They are stylish, always elegant and very feminine. By wearing such a skirt, you’ll never commit a faux pas. Their simple cut fits almost everything. They are suitable for every occasion, from business meetings at the highest level to small family celebrations. They may not be comfortable on the dance floor, but you will look classy. Pencil skirts will perfectly highlight the advantages of your figure. They feel fantastic in the company of boots or classic high heels.

Asymmetrical skirts, or how to break boredom Asymmetrical skirts have been a leading trend in the fashion world for several seasons now. Women are increasingly choosing this type of skirts, because it is an original and easy way to break the conservative look and refresh your image a bit. Their cut as well as length can be varied, fit into different styles, and this is because they can be worn for all occasions. For example, those with simple cuts, in black, grey or navy blue, will be the best choice for the office or university. The more casual ones, made of more airy materials, will be perfect for summer walks, an outdoor party, shopping or even to the beach. Those with romantic frills will be perfect for a wedding, and the asymmetrical mini for a date or to the club.

Skirts and little skirts, i.e. mini, midi and maxi Mini is the iconic skirt style that appeared in Western culture in the 1960s. of the twentieth century thanks to Mary Quant, a British designer. Mini skirts can be found on almost every occasion where a woman wants to look stylish. You can find them in the elegant version, casual version, in the sports version, or just right for the dance floor. They can be worn in both casual and more formal styles. Here, remember about dress code and do not overdo it with bare legs. Midi skirt, or medium length skirt, is a great option for women who love to emphasise their figure. However, keep in mind that the below the knee length can be a trap, so in combination with a midi skirt it’s best to choose high-heeled shoes. The popularity of such skirts is evidenced by the fact that we are happy to wear them both in summer and winter. High-waisted midi pencil skirts, tulle skirts, trapezoidal skirts – no matter which you put on, it will prove that you are up to date with the latest trends. In turn, maxi skirts in a way got back in our good graces. We all remember the turn of the sixties and seventies, when hippies and their long, loose, colourful and floral skirts reigned. Today, however, you do not have to reckon with anybody and anybody’s beliefs. Whether you choose a boho skirt, elegant skirt, sweatshirt skirt, pleated or smooth skirt, depends entirely on your taste and of course the occasion. And although the maxi length is very versatile, such skirts are more suitable for tall women because they optically shorten the legs.

Classics of the genre, i.e. leather and denim skirts Leather and denim skirts never go out of fashion, which is why every woman should have them in her wardrobe. A leather skirt will definitely give character and pugnacity to any style. Sexy and elegant. It is versatile and works in any composition. The more rock style in combination with the Ramones jacket and the official one, complementing the white shirt. In addition to classic black, leather skirts are increasingly appearing in light brown or red. Those of you who love comfort and a casual look, will be glad to reach for denim skirts. Denim skirts can become the basis of a styling for many occasions. They are very versatile, they are perfect for everyday use, for work or for casual trips. They are especially graceful, because they can become an addition to any type of clothing, from delicate tops to hooded sweatshirts.

Pleats, frills, lace, buttons, or the end of minimalism Who said a skirt must be boring. A simple cut, subdued, one-colour material is a classic, which is, indeed, beautiful, but for modest, official occasions. At all other times, it’s worth going crazy. Charming pleats, flirtatious frills, seductive laces, fancy buttons are the easiest way to open yourself to slightly more bold stylings. Very fashionable asymmetry will also work perfectly with them. You can also revive the skirt by adding a belt or a sexy fly.