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Fashionable women’s trousers – elegance in a comfortable edition

Today, no woman can imagine a wardrobe without trousers, and yet a hundred years ago they were reserved exclusively for men. Only since the 1920s, when the emancipation of women contributed to a series of changes in customs, did the trousers permanently enter women’s wardrobes. And although the history of women’s trousers, compared to even dresses or skirts, is short, the multitude of their types can make you confused.

Depending on the occasion, your figure or character, each time you can reach for a different model and choose from dozens of interesting styles and materials. Trousers can be worn alone or as part of an overall, or a two- or three-piece suit. They are fantastic because you can always feel at ease and comfortable wearing them. It is also an excellent base to create a comfortable, original, sometimes stylish, sometimes crazy, yet always fashionable, styling.

There are elegant trousers, including those creased, perfect for official meetings or ceremonies. There are tracksuit, sports and fitness trousers: looser cotton or fitted leggings made of, for example, lycra. There is a whole range of casual trousers, perfect for work, meeting friends, shopping, going to the cinema, for lunch, etc.

Depending on the fabric used, there are, for example, chino fabric trousers just in time for semi-formal occasions, and always trendy and sexy leather trousers. There are also everybody’s favourite jeans, those classic blue or those which stay in fashion for over a dozen seasons, made of washed denim with abrasions and holes.

There are cigarillo, skinny, baggy trousers, bell bottoms, and culotte trousers. There are short and long trousers. Shorts, knee-length shorts, capri trousers, 3/4 or 7/8 length trousers, ankle-length trousers and even trousers covering shoes. You can choose between trousers with low waist or hipsters, with medium or high waist.

As you can see, when it comes to trousers, there is no question of boredom. Trousers can be worn for work in the garden, as well as for a wedding. On a bike ride and to the theatre. They are great when you sit at home with a book or plan to go to the club. The women who wear them include women you can see in the streets every day as well as heads of states, heads of corporations and even Princess Kate. They match blouses, shirts, sweatshirts, T-shirts, sweaters and bikinis. With sandals, high heels, boots, cowboy boots or barefoot. They are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. Always fashionable and always comfortable.