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Elegant and fashionable women’s coats

Women’s coat, especially the one of the highest quality materials, in a fashionable cut, is an excellent choice for winter and slightly cooler spring and autumn days. Each of us deserves one that will meet her expectations. And regardless of which model you are currently looking for, it must meet two basic criteria. It must be comfortable to wear and visually stylish.

Contrary to appearances, choosing the right coat is a key issue. We often place this item of clothing in the background, but after all we wear it all day long in autumn and winter. It makes the first impression, which makes it the most important element of our outfit.

So, whether you reach for a coat in classic black, in subdued beige or grey, in a timeless brown, camel shade or in a more extravagant check, it will become your showcase. Fitted or oversized, long or short, note that it must be functional and sewn precisely and aesthetically.

Women’s wool coats Wool is a natural fibre obtained from the hair of sheep, llamas or camels, among others. It has characteristic features that make it perfect for producing high quality textiles. Wool is usually very soft, fluffy and is great to keep you warm. The basic role of a wool coat is therefore to protect against cold and wind. Wool provides nice warmth at low and even negative temperatures. It is nice to the touch and wonderfully envelops the body.

But that’s not all the benefits of wool. Wool is a luxurious material, and wool coats are a timeless outerwear. If you have got one in your wardrobe, you don’t have to worry that it will go out of fashion. If you are going somewhere on colder days and you want to look elegant, just reach for one of them, and it will definitely give you chic and emphasise your class.

Women’s leather coat Remarkable and expressive, extremely stylish, addressed to bold people who are aware of their stylings, this is how you can describe a leather coat. On the one hand, it is popularised by Hollywood heroes and bandits, and on the other by people who are considered style icons. This timeless piece of clothing is a class in itself and top when it comes to fashion outfits. Leather coats are addressed to those who want to express their original style or add a “teeth” to their image.

Women’s leather coats are very elegant. They can be made of grain and chamois leather. They work well matched with elegant boots or less formal lace-up shoes. They can be worn both with trousers and skirts.

Women’s down coat A down coat is a great alternative to a short jacket for cooler days of the year. They provide warmth and comfort, not only to the upper body. It also covers the hips, thighs, some reach down to the ankles. Such down outerwear is designed to protect you from cold and wind, as well as snow and rain.

The interior of such a coat is made of down or feathers. It can be natural or synthetic and although it is a spacious filling, it weighs little. Down coats are functional and very versatile. They provide adequate thermal insulation and breathability. They have a waterproof coating, often also a hood, sewn permanently or removable.

Women’s trench coat The trench coat has been an icon of classic style for over a hundred years. And although it was born for military needs (as the word trench suggests) for the British army, it quickly found its way to “salons” and gained the recognition of Hollywood stars. It was popularised by Humphrey Bogart, who wore a trench coat in the cult movie “Casablanca”.

The trench coat is a kind of classic coat, most often in shades of beige, double-breasted, with and a wide belt with a buckle. On the front, it is decorated with five pairs of buttons. Once it reached the ankles, today it is usually in midi length, i.e. below the knee. It was to protect against wind, rain and moisture, so it was sewn from leather, woollen gabardine or poplin.

So much for the original, because fashion is evolving and is governed by its own laws. Currently produced coats are made of other, lighter fabrics, decorated with functional zippers, in any colour of choice: black, grey, navy blue, maroon, khaki and many others.