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“I have nothing to wear” – it is this sentence that most often comes to your lips when you open the wardrobe, although, in fact, it is so full of clothes that it is hard to close it. One of the reasons for this is the fact that the wardrobe is not well thought out and there are no clothes in it, which can be the basis for fantastic outfits. Enthusiasts of good style around the world know very well that the basis for creating many fashionable and practical stylings are basic clothes.

Let’s try to explain what basic clothes are. These are things that most often constitute only the basis of our look, both day and evening. These are clothes in neutral, basic colours, which include such colours such as white, black, grey, but also navy blue and recently very fashionable ecru and powder pink.

So, what basic clothes belong to the must-have group for the perfect wardrobe? Clothes thanks to which you can have the basis of your styling, while the rest depends only on your imagination. Because there will be a difference when over one blouse you wear a Ramones jacket or a trench coat. You will present a completely different look in mini dress with sneakers, and a different one when you put on high heels. To a large extent, the basic wardrobe should match everything as much as possible.

Basic clothing is a recipe for all fashion problems. If you complete your wardrobe with versatile trousers (jeans, tracksuit), white t-shirt, fashionable, yet simple in cut and design, sweatshirt (with or without a hood) and a light dress (including a little black dress), all you need to do is choose the right accessories ( handbag, shoes, headgear) and jewellery, and each time you can look different and delight again.