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Women love dresses

It’s hard to imagine a more feminine piece of clothing than a dress. Dresses fantastically emphasise feminine charms and figure, which is why they are so much appreciated by women. The designers who create them for the fair sex know this well. They want them to look fashionable and beautiful, so that they can express themselves through their stylings and stand out from the crowd. The dress is perfect for any occasion, from a stroll on the beach to the ballroom. To work, to the theatre and on a date.

Little black dress – a classic among dresses Little black dress is an absolute phenomenon when it comes to dresses. Timeless and reliable. Classic. Perfect when you do not have an idea or time to create a sophisticated styling, and also perfect when you want to dazzle with your look. It can be a modest background for your beauty, but it can also steal the show. It works on many occasions, and additionally slims down the figure. Little black dress is a true legend of the fashion world and one of the most iconic styles of dresses. It was born in the Coco Chanel studio and quickly stole the hearts of world-famous celebrities of the big screen.

Cocktail dresses, or feminine elegance Cocktail dress has many names. And although there are many designs, they usually reach just above the knee, are delicate, often decorated with lace or a frill. Generally, cocktail dresses are worn for occasions such as parties or semi-formal meetings during the day. They can be with short or long sleeves, or strappy. They are subtle, although they cannot be denied coquetry and sexy charm. They make you look elegant and classy.

Holiday madness, or summer dresses A hot summer is the perfect time to go a little crazy. Also when it comes to costume. The multitude of styles and designs of holiday dresses can make you dizzy. However, keep in mind that in hot summer weather not only stylish appearance, but above all comfort is what matters. When choosing a summer dress, it is worth paying attention to the material from which it is made. The best choice will be cotton, linen, Tencel, viscose and of course silk. Now we can focus on the cut, and here we recommend long summer dresses with an airy bottom, those with open shoulders, a slit on the back, with a sexy neckline, etc. As for colours, it is worth choosing the lighter ones or also choose cheerful, colourful, e.g. floral patterns.

Shirt dresses – at ease, but with class Shirt dresses, also called chemises, are a combination of a blouse and a straight skirt. Most often these are fully buttoned, with a belt at the waist. That is their classic, unchanged cut for years, perfect for work, social meetings or shopping. Shirt dresses can be worn alone, but also with leggings as a tunic. So much for the definition, because as it happens in fashion, there are a lot of different variations, depending on the type of material, length of the sleeve, length of the dress, fastener, or the material used.

Wedding, ball and evening dresses Each of us has dreamt of looking like a fairytale princess. Wearing a beautiful dress. Dazzle, delight, be able to “steal the show” just by entering a room. Evening dresses, wedding dresses or ball gowns are elegant costumes, always designed for a special occasion, a big night out. And they give us free rein and allow us to “design” anything our heart desires. It is hard to carry it too far. Frills, laces, long trainers, seductive necklines, decorations, ribbons, and accessories in the form of jewellery or a tasteful varnished handbag on a gold chain. This is your evening, so feel like a lady.