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 Fashion passes, style remains.

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." – these are the words of a French fashion designer who revolutionised women's fashion, a personality that inspires successive generations of women. Of course, we are talking about Coco Chanel, creator of the iconic perfume – Chanel No. 5. The originator and promoter of knitted dresses and costumes, the "pageboy" hairstyle, the little black dress and bell bottoms.   Women love fashion, fashion loves women. Following trends, spotting and searching for inspirations, creating your own outfits, refining this one, dazzling styling.  Because fashion is not only the most popular clothes today, but the ability to find and express your own style...

To be irreplaceable you must first be able to stand out.
When we watch the "red carpet", for example during the Oscars, first of all we pay attention to women's costumes. For the untrained eye, men's outfits look the same: black suit, white shirt and bow tie – next please. Black suit, white shirt ... and so on and so forth. Hardly anyone pays attention to details. The exact opposite is when the fair sex appears before flashing cameras. There is no place for imitativeness here. Copying is an unforgivable bloomer, even greater than unsuccessful styling. The greatest designers make sure that Hollywood stars are uniquely dressed and shine as they deserve. Long, stylish gowns, light dresses, or classic little black dresses. Plus dazzling jewellery and subtle accessories, for example in the form of a handbag. There are also costumes that at first surprise with their eccentricity, and over time come into universal fashion. Stand out, delight and be remembered. This is one of the most important challenges of a fashionable woman.

I do not understand how a woman can leave the house without prior preparation.
Skilful creation of a wardrobe is something that we learn all our lives. Each of us admits that at least once under the influence of a whim she bought a blouse or dress that she never wore afterwards. Each of us has a favourite jeans or t-shirt, which she wore to the limit. But there is a whole range of trousers, shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters and skirts in our wardrobes that change like a kaleidoscope, fantastically suited to the mood, occasion or weather of the day. Regardless of the type of our work or lifestyle, well-tailored clothes sewn from the best materials are necessary in every woman's wardrobe. Timeless classics and pearls arousing delight and a hint of jealousy here and now.

A woman should have two things: class and fabulous charm.
Although fashion is like history – it likes to repeat itself, but in the period in between, it is not worth wearing some clothes when you do not feel good in them, when they do not express you. It's a trap that you can easily fall into when you don't have your own developed style. When we buy and put on trousers, dresses, blouses that someone "recommends" to us. Someone says that this skirt is all the rage, or someone whispered "you must have this stylish blazer", "this coat is very trendy". And you know that you will not feel confident in it and then instead of having a great time you keep thinking: "why are they looking?", "do I really look good in it?". This happens if you don't wear clothes that are compatible with you. When you rely on the views and opinions of others. When you follow trends instead of creating your own. Fashion is changing, we buy and throw away clothes, but having your own style is an antidote to whims of fashion.

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